Cabaret Bohème

Cabaret Bohème is an evening celebrating the work of The Bohemians theatre company which features songs and scenes from our previous productions - as well as upcoming work - written and performed by a cast of actor-musicians.


Set List: 

'Erase You', 'Who needs People?', 'Who Needs Perfect' and 'Jenny' from 'LEXI' by Elliot Mackenzie and Sophie Bevan


'Cradle Me Over' from 'The Wild Swans' by Eleanor Kane


An excerpt from 'Margaritas Caravan' by Joni Ayton-Kent


'The Person That You Want' and 'Watching Me' from 'Pardoned' by James Hastings and Joel Nash


'The Field of Miracles', 'Play the Game', 'The Fairy Song' and 'Somethings Turning/Journey Onward' from 'The Misadventures of Pinocchio' by Joel Nash and Benji Mowbray


'Curiouser' and 'Smile' and 'MAD!' from 'Wondertown' by Benji Mowbray and Sophie Bevan


Jig/Opening Scene from 'Riddled' by Roddy Lynch


'Radio' and 'Over the Sea' from 'Paisley Beauty' by David Fallon


'Bonny & Read' from 'Bonny & Read' by Lydia Barton-Lovett

Cabaret Boheme took place at the Union Theatre, Southwark on the 23rd February 2022. 


Photos © Benedict Gibson

Creative Team:

Director - Benji Mowbray

Producer - Abigail Middleton

Musical Supervisor - Elliot Mackenzie

Video Design/Technical Supervisor - Ryan Samuel Davies 


Elliot Mackenzie

Roddy Lynch

Joel Nash

Abigail Middleton 

Eleanor Kane 

David Fallon

Eleanor Crowe

Benji Mowbray

Joni Ayton-Kent

Lydia Barton Lovett

Tendai Rinomhota

© Benedict Gibson
© Benedict Gibson

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© Benedict Gibson
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Cabaret Boheme
Cabaret Boheme

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© Benedict Gibson
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