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Supernovas for Super Loners

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That’s what happens to Dylan - an aspiring writer who feels totally alone and inconsequential in the suffocatingly small-town Swansea. After a night out gone awry on Wind Street, an unexpected intervention from a stranger sets events in motion that threaten to end in total catastrophe as fiction and reality begin to hurtle into one another.

Supernovas for Super Loners is a new musical that explores the links between societal inequality and the mental health crisis through a Welsh lens. Drawing influence from folk and pop, Supernovas is a grand yet intimate story about connection and belonging.

Supernovas for Super Loners has an anti-heirachical heart: it weaves seamlessly between song and speech, and the music flows constantly underneath, forming a conduit between two worlds. What is spoken is just as important as what is sung, as what becomes too heavy and paralysing to say in the former finds a truthful expression in the latter. The ensemble nature of the cast and musicians builds the characters' fantasies and realities. Worlds upon worlds collide in a way that can only be expressed in this way, that gives a voice to the unsayable.

We hosted a reading of the show online during the second lockdown. Four songs were presented as part of 'Viable' recorded at The Bread and Roses Theatre and streamed online. Critical Moment Theatre facilitated an R&D at Theatre Deli in October 2021. We are now looking to create a concept Album and push the show into a small scale fringe production. 

Find out more about the project here:

Photos © Benkin Photography

Creative Team: 

Writer/Composer - Ryan Mellish

Director - Benji Mowbray

Musical Director - Griffin Jenkins

Designer - Cory Shipp


Glen Jordan

Saskia Pay

Kirsty Thomas

Daniel Bravo

Connor Charles

R&D at Theatre Deli London

'Viable' recorded at The Bread and Rose Theatre and streamed online 2021

Online Reading 2020
Supernovas for Super Loners R&D Company
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