Alice has just turned eighteen. Alice is now allowed to vote. But Alice doesn’t get politics… Her family are extremely politically engaged and attempt to inform her about their views but she isn’t interested. Not interested, that is, until she reconnects with her favourite childhood book Alice in Wonderland and falls down the rabbit hole and lands in her own version of the story - a place called Wondertown. She sees each Alice In Wonderland character represented by a resident in this politically-driven town and Alice is absorbed in this fantasy. And so begins her political awakening. The election is coming up and Alice must make her choice and cast her vote. But does her vote even count? Will she make a difference? …You’ll just have to wait and see.

Wondertown was first presented at Rose Bruford's Symposium 2017 by The Bohemians Theatre Company. Then received a production the Ugly Duck in June 2018. Please listen to some of the songs and footage from Infinite Arts launch party and explore some of the footage and images from The Bohemians Theatre Company.